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God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

God Is A Gamer

God Is A Gamer

The cover page of novel asks you a question “Is revenge a crime?”. When you start reading, you will only find crime not revenge. So is it story of crime or revenge..??? To know the answer, you will have to wait till you reach the end of the book. Every time you think, this is it, story will take another twist and chapter after chapter story unfolds.

1. Stroy of the book and Main characters:

Ravi starts first ever Bitcoin thriller “God is a Gamer” with conservation between CEOs of two major card dealers MasterCard and Visa card about Russian Government’s plan on Natonal Payment Card System. After sometime, Wikileaks released some documents, which catches the eye of US Government and then came BitCoins in the picture. Gillian Tan- US Senator and very close friend of US president was in favor of Bitcoin, who was murdered in explosion while his way to meet president.

In New York, Josh uses dark web called Cotton Trail for drug deals using Bitcoins. He was given contract of attacking ATMs to withdraw cash from various locations in New York.

In Mumbai, Aditya Rao is successfully running BPO and a Gaming Company. There comes Varun (Aditya’s Son) who is sharp, intelligent and knows market movement. He took control of his father’s gaming division, which is dooming and make it a large success.

Swami Head of Retail Division of New York International bank came to know about the large scale phishing scam under the head of Malvika. Because of this events, Malvika- CEO was moved out of his position and Matt took control of that division. Tanya- Malvika’s daughter got closed with Varun when she met him in Goa and Mumbai afterwards. Malvika fell of a roof-top and died on her Birthday party where all big names in Finance Ministry including Finance Minister himself and RBI Governor were present.

Adrian who was lead on investigation of senator’s death and ATM heist could not connect the dots. While on his way to success, he found out some links between ATM heist and India. With help of CBI and Mumbai Police, he was able to find about the truth.

Dan (Head of CRRU), Mike (Head of Security of US Prime Minister), Nikki (Gillian’s wife) and Gloria (Gillian’s daughter) are also in key role.

Who is responsible for senator’s death..?? Does Josh succeed in his mission..?? Is there any link between Malvika’s death and phishing attacks..????? Will Adrian find murderer..?? Are all these events connected to each other..??

2. Likes and Dislikes:

I like the way the author built the plot. Ravi has done his In depth research on Bitcoin to make this novel informative as well. It will surely help readers who does not know much about digital currency.

In some part of the story he has used many technical jargon, which layman reader could find it difficult to understand. Though story is captivating, you would be able to recognize real culprit somewhere in the middle of the book. He could have avoided some clues.

3. Adventures:

As I mentioned in earlier section , Ravi has provided in-depth understanding of Bitcoin. I like the book from which I am able to learn something about “few things”. Even though I knew something about Bitcoin before reading this book , unlike banking industry , it was a nice and informative read.

4. Writing Style and other things:

As I have mentioned in my previous review of his novel “The Bankster”, if reader can imagine a place based on description author has given ,he is exceptional writer. I like the way how simply he describes even complex things.

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