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Catching The Departed by Kulpreet Yadav

Catching the Departed1. Story of the book and Main characters:

Catching the Departed is a book by Kulpreet Yadav. He is the founder and co-editor of Open Road Review, a literary journal. He also co-edits Under the Banyan Tree, an online forum of true stories. In 2011, Kulpreet’s short fiction won a special commendation in the competition ‘The Best Short Writing in the World’, by Fleeting magazine. This novel was shortlisted by Hachette India & DNA in their contest ‘Hunt for the Next Bestseller’. Coming back to the book review , I haven’t read much thriller from an Indian author before. The story of thriller “Catching The Departed” revolves around the Andy Karan , an investigative journalist at New Delhi Today Magazine. It all started with the cold blooded murder of a man named Ram Avtar in Tlakput , a small village near Rewari, a hamlet close to New Delhi. “He was useless and he never cared for his family. He must had an argument at the bar and might have picked up the fight and got himself killed” This is what villagers has to say about his death. Monica , Andy’s boss sends him to ‘murder place’ to look into the matter and see if they can build any story on the recent incident. On his visit to the village , he started investing the reason for Ram Avtar’s death with his wife and close friend Rohtas. But someone didn’t like his visit to the village and he got attacked and sent back to the Delhi Hospital for recovery. After retiring from Army , Andy started work for Indian Intelligence secretly without the knowledge of his boss Monica who is also his love interest. After his second visit to Tilakpur and after he got attacked intelligence department approached him and informed him that there is something more to the Tilakpur incident maybe a terrorist attack and terrorist might be using Tilakpur as their base. At the same time Monica got clear instruction from his boss KB that she should not dig much into the Tilakpur incident and immediately stop the investigation on the incident. Why KB asked Monica to stop the investigation ???…  Why did Ram Avtar got murdered???… When and where terrorist are planning an attack ???…  What kind of attack they are planning ???…  Will Monica come to know about the secret work that Andy has been doing ???… Will Andy get to the root of the incident???… Read the book to know more…

2. Likes and Dislikes

Unlike other thriller , I must appreciate the author’s effort for creating a very believable character like Andy. Andy’s full name is Andy Karan and often author compare Andy Karan with the Karan , one of the character from Mahabharata. I liked the way author described the thought process of Andy Karan comparing himself with the Karan from Mahabharata. The only thing that I didn’t like about the book is that in one of the seen Monica travel to Mumbai without any concrete reason.

3. Adventures:

I liked the way author described each and every scene. You can imagine the whole scene and it will make you feel that as if you are watching a movie.

4. Writing Style and other things:

I liked his writing style. He has a unique way of putting around surroundings in readers mind. It is easy ready and The author has put this book into “4 hour books” category. I would recommend this book to those who like easy, racy and pacy thriller.

You can buy the book from here.

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