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The Hunt For Kohinoor by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

The Hunt For Kohinoor1. Story of the book and Main characters:

“The Hunt For Kohinoor” is second book of the thriller series featuring Mehrunisa Khosa . First book was “The Taj Conspiracy“. Story of this second book revolves around five persons.

1. Mehrunisa who has worked as Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) as consultant

2. Her father who is undercover agent of Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW

3. Jag Mishra who is Director of Pakistani Desk at RAW a.k.a Chanakya of RAW

4. Raghav who was heading the Anti Terrorist Cell of UP when he helped Mehrunisa on “The Taj Conspiracy” case.

5. R.P. Singh who was with CBI when he lead “The Taj Conspiracy” case with help form Mehrunisa and Raghav. R.P. Singh secretly loved Mehrunisa.

Leaders of India and Pakistan had been working on to achieve  a historic breakthrough in the two countries decade-old conflict over Kashmir. Meanwhile Pakistan General , got killed in a suicide bomber at his home. Pakistani General had hidden documents with secret information of upcoming attack on India , Pakistan-Afghanistan relations as well as US-Pakistan relations. No one has any information regarding where he has kept these documents “Kohinoor” .  Aziz Mirza , General’s aide got AWOL after the attack? Does he has any information on Kohinoor ? RAW’s key spy Harry , Snow Leopard got injured in this attack. What options do RAW has ? What is the thinking of The Chanakya of RAW to stop the upcoming attack on India? Somehow Jag able to convince Mehrunisa (Read book to know how Jag was able to convince her). Mehrunisa and Raghav are on their way to Lahore to find Kohinoor based on lead provided by Harry, who is in Kashmir , lying on hospital bed. On the other end US has also sent their agent to find any information on Kohinoor. R.P.Singh came to know about this mission and he heads towards Lahore where Mehr and Raghav were heading. So what happens next ?? Will Mehrunisa and Raghav be able to stop upcoming attack planned on India ? What is the role R.P.Singh has to play? Will he be helpful to Mehr & Raghav or will he spoil the mission ?  At the same time Taliban does not want anyone to find Kohinoor so that their mission of attacking India go as planned. Will they be able to stop the discovery of Kohinoor ???…… When and where are they planning attack ???…… Will Mehr & Raghav or US agent be able to find Kohinoor ???……

2. Likes and Dislikes

I like the way author built a plot. I have been to several parts of Kashmir and the way she described the serene beauty of Kashmir , I can visualize the Gulmarg Golf course which is highest green in the world. But at the same time I had experienced the truth behind sentence “The Himalayas are not just pretty hills and bubbling brooks” during my Kashmir Trip. I wish she had given more information about what is going on with Indian Government Officials when this mission was going on.

3. Adventures

There are many moments in this book which thrills you. I don’t want to spoil the fun of reading so I am going to reveal any of the moments. The way Chanakya convince Mehr. The way “Snow Leopard” use “Favour Bank” is worth reading.

4. Writing Style and Other Things

I am no expert to comment on writing style of author. They way she switched between different part of the stories keeps reader engaged at the same time keeps wondering about what happens next. “a gifted writer of great promise …   a new start rising on Punjab’s literary horizon”  comment by Khushawant Singh shows the extra ordinary skills of Manreet.

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  1. Gayatri Himthani

    Excellent review Samarth!! I am looking forward to read this book now 🙂


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