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Game India – Seven Strategic Advantages That Can Steer India to Wealth by R.N.Bhaskar

Recommended for anyone who is interested in learning more about India, its challenges and the opportunities.

This book draws on the extensive experience R.N.Bhaskar has gathered from various positions he has held over the years as a journalist, a corporate leader and an adviser to the government. He shares his insight on seven themes that could help India prosper in the coming years. It starts with describing current challenges, current state and as a country how we got here. At the same time, it offers great data points on initiatives which various government has taken to overcome those challenges and in most cases why it is failing. It also offers practical advice based on learning from the past as well as from other countries. The seven strategic advantages are.
1. Milk Industry: It shares the inspirational story of Amul and the brilliant strategy of “Production by masses, not mass production” developed by Verghese Kurien. There is still untapped potential in this industry to create more wealth.
2. Solar Industry: Solar Industry has started getting a lot of attention from the government but there is still a long way to go. India has adopted some strategies from the world but ignored which helped Germany in creating an entirely new industry as well as created millions of jobs for its people. He also explains the reason why India hasn’t adopted the strategy from Germany.
3. People: This is an interesting chapter which talks about people as resources from a different perspective. (Un)Employment, Human waste, Affordable housing, Manpower exports.
4. Coastal Industry: This is something which has been long ignored until Adani saw an opportunity and created a business out of it. It shares perspective on current governments “Nitish Gadkari” effort to open and further develop India’s coastal industry.
5. Governance: At times, this chapter may sound very critical but without good governance, there will be limited progress.
6. Agriculture Industry: This has been a great strength for this country but if you look numbers, 50% of the population contributes to 17% GDP which speaks out loud about the productivity of people. There are few initiatives which have been taken with good intentions but hasn’t delivered on those promises.
7. Innovation: This chapter is an inspiring one with stories of Indian heroes. There is a saying “Most people in the world succeed because of the government but in India people succeed despite its government”
It is critical as well as inspirational at the same time. India has its own challenges at the same time unique advantages that could help India shines in the coming years.

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