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Leadership and self-deception

As a leader/manager, how many times have you felt that others are not understanding your situation and incompetent? How many times you got frustrated because of your colleague’s behavior?

On a first look, it looks quite common and straightforward to think that as an individual we are right and others are wrong but how can you be so sure if you haven’t heard other’s perspective? My recent read “Leadership and Self-deception” dwell into this subject and beautifully conveys the message that in most cases, individuals are at the fault and get in the way of achieving great results. The author talks about the concept of “inside the box”- meaning thinking of people as mere objects and “outside the box” – meaning thinking of people as person. Like everything in the world, people could be “inside the box” and “outside the box” to the different people and in different situations. Our goal is to maximize the amount of time we spend “outside the box” in other words empathize with people which in turn will get the optimal result for the organizations.

These concepts are explained in the fictional story form which makes it an easy read and helps in better grasping the concepts.

Special thanks to Gayatri for the book recommendation.

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