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MoonStone by Atul Gupta


1. Stroy of the book and Main characters:

MoonStone” is story of real incident happened in 1991 at IIT Powai(Bombay). Performing Arts Festival (PAF) is an inter hostel competition at IIT Bombay, where a pair of hostels present an hour long skit. The paired hostels completely own the performance, right from script writing, to dramatization, sets, sound, lights, music, and publicity to attract people to come and watch the show. The author has divided book into two sections: First section is more about life at IITB than actually story that was happened. Actual story starts in the second section where H6(Hostel-6) and H9(Hostel-9) came together and participated in PAF. This book is based on real incident so it does not have any central character but it revolves around several characters. Generally in such events , there is only one director but here there are two: Siva , the left stage director and  PK ,  the right stage director. Mhow is the narrator of the story who was handling music for the “MoonStone” activity And there are many others(Rewa , Lulu , Tandon.) who have their own part to play in this book. With an amazing story line, some never before seen incredible special effects, amazing light and sound effects, great actors, musicians, and dancers, in short with an abundance of talent, Moonstone was headed for a definite victory. Did they succeed?

2. Likes and Dislikes:

I really liked the way author described IIT-B campus and life at campus. Moreover recently I went to IIT-B for SciPy.In 2013 so it helped me to visualize events better.Moreover he has tried to include every small detail which wont let reader assume anything. I wish he has included more such incidents and hostel life fun in the book.

3. Adventures:

I have never experienced hostel life in college so it is great fun to read about hostel life. However at the same time  , I was part of several events happening at the college , so I can very well relate the way he described event planning but I have never experienced something like “MoonStone” during my college days :P.

4. Writing Style and other things:

As I have not read much of non-fiction before , I am not in position to compare writing style of author but I must say if reader can imagine a place based on description  author has given ,he is exceptional writer. I liked the way he described event planning happening at Hostel6 and Hostel9.

Read this book to find out how exactly “MoonStone ho gaya” added to IITian lingo.

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  1. Thanks Samarth for the nice comments on my book 🙂


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