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Leadership and self-deception

As a leader/manager, how many times have you felt that others are not understanding your situation and incompetent? How many times you got frustrated because of your colleague’s behavior?

On a first look, it looks quite common and straightforward to think that as an individual we are right and others are wrong but how can you be so sure if you haven’t heard other’s perspective? My recent read “Leadership and Self-deception” dwell into this subject and beautifully conveys the message that in most cases, individuals are at the fault and get in the way of achieving great results. The author talks about the concept of “inside the box”- meaning thinking of people as mere objects and “outside the box” – meaning thinking of people as person. Like everything in the world, people could be “inside the box” and “outside the box” to the different people and in different situations. Our goal is to maximize the amount of time we spend “outside the box” in other words empathize with people which in turn will get the optimal result for the organizations.

These concepts are explained in the fictional story form which makes it an easy read and helps in better grasping the concepts.

Special thanks to Gayatri for the book recommendation.

You can not Expect Everyone to be Yourself

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This post is for every single person on this earth. If you have not experienced it before, you will surely experience it in your life. You have experienced with your friends , colleagues , classmate , cousins , neighbor and many more. There are situations when someone make you think  “How one can behave such way? That is not fair.” But my dear friend as the title says you can not expect everyone to be like yourself. Almighty GOD has made everyone unique. Everyone has their own belief , their own culture , their own value as well as their own thinking process. Probably what you feel for others , the same feeling someone had for you at different situations.

The other situation can be “Good things always happens to others.” Then I would say “You are also “others” for someone else.” So respect each and every person you meet.

People may Hurt you , Break you but it is How you Behave that Make you.

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As a human we experience something new and better everyday. We met thousands of new people in our journey of Life.  And those people are of different kind. If you could not find anything good in them then read Good people are hard to find on earth…Really???.. . And among them you find many people who tries to hurt you , tries to break you. But you should not get demotivated by them. Please do keep in mind Life never turns the way we want, but.. . You can not blame whole human culture/life  just you had bad experience with few of them. Once again I want to quote Life is beautiful. Live it, Learn it , Love it . So ever since you come to such situation , just spend some time with yourself. Read some motivational stories/article for example this . It is your reaction to the situation(people) that makes you.

We all live three lives: Public , Personal and Private

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People believe there is only one life. But I believe we live three lives namely: Public,Personal and Private. In public everyone knows who we are. Like our all friends know who we are, where do we study,etc. It is kind of overview of the person. While in personal life we share our some of the views to our close friends. It may include our feelings for others , our happy moments and some sad moments. Although we do not share such information with others. While the last on is Private. It affects our behavior.Although we share everything with our best friend ,there are always few things we never share with anyone. Even not with our  “Parents”. Even when we die we take it with us. We come to know about such life only when we are alone.We can find so many things that perhaps no one knows better than us.What do you say ?