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The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian

I have not read much of fiction before “The Bankster” by Ravi Subramanian.

1. Stroy of the book and Main characters:

“The Bankster” build plot in three different part of the world. 1. Angola 2. Kerala 3. Mumbai . Angola where a convert CIA agent named Joseph Braganza exchanged weapons for raw uncut diamonds.So he is doing all this for large amount of money or there is some other thing cooking behind it.!!!!!!!……. Meanwhile in Kerala an old man named Krishna Menon is working hard to stop/move the nuclear plant at Devikulam to safe place. His son died in chernobyl disaster and he made promise to his dying son that he wont let it happen in India. Jayakumar who is running NGO and Mayor Madan Mohan helping him in his movement. But some event took place and everything changed for him!!!!!!!…….At the same time in international bank GB2 , Indrani- CEO is stunned by the mysterious deaths of key employees. Initially bank neglected death of first few deaths but things seems to be changed when former employee of GB2 who is now working with Times Group, Karan Punjabi digs deeper into the mystery with the help of  his girlfriend who is still working at GB2. Indrani is helping Karan secretly. Vikram who is in senior management team with Indrani , the HR lead Tanuja are also in key role. Things get much clearer when they found fraudulent credit card. So what does fraudulent credit card has to do with key employees of GB2?????….. Who is responsible for these deaths?????….. Is there anyone from GB2 or someone else?????…. Will Karan be able to solve the mystery?????…. Is there any connection between all three events in different part of the world?????…..

2. Likes and Dislikes:

I like the way author built a plot, the way he described banking industry. He has even take care of minute details related to banking procedure/workflow. It helped me to enhance my knowledge on banking sector/procedure/operational level hierarchy. I wish he has written more about Diamond Industry and Nuclear Reactor Plant the way he wrote for Banking.

3. Adventures:

As an Electronics Engineer, I don’t have much knowledge about banking industry prior to reading “The Bankster”. I liked the details described about banking industry more  than the mystery itself. It may be because of my lack of knowledge of banking. The author described different places in such a manner that I can imagine it.

4. Writing Style and other things:

As I have not read much of fiction before , I am not in position to compare writing style of author but I must say if reader can imagine a place based on description  author has given ,he is exceptional writer. I like the way he described the mentality and character of people working at the bank. The reason I loved his character description, is I love to learn and explore new kind of people and their nature. I love to write and I learned things from him “how to build plot” & “key points to write good novel”. Thanks Ravi Subramanian.

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