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That’s My Story by Vinay Mashalkar

That's My StoryAuthor: Vinay Mashalkar
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Price: Rs. 145/-

Genre: Romance
ISBN- 9789384226442

That’s My Story is a book by Vinay Mashalkar. Being an Electronics and Communication engineer, when I read that Vinay is also an Electronics and Communication engineer, I felt some connection with him. Although I am not big fan of romance, I signed up for reviewing this book because of Vinay. He loves reading books and aspires to become an author. That’s My Story is his first attempt to achieve that dream.

Coming back to the book review, I have not read any novel of this genre before.
1. Stroy of the book and Main characters:
Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. There is an enigma in that feeling, which can take a person to a different world. So many things have been said and written about love, but it still has a mystic charm that attracts people to read more love stories. The plot of “That’s My Story” revolves around Vikram, Meghna and Aditi. It starts with Vikram, getting his first job and party afterwards. Vikram is a middle class IT professional working in Bangalore. He spends his working days in office and weekends “boozing” with his friends Manish, Prashant, Ravi and Dinesh. His parents are typical Indian parents. His mother will tell him to visit temple on first day of his job. Considering all things, Vikram’s story is every Indian middle class guy’s story.
Vikram was doing same thing over and over until he finds a beautiful girl – Meghna in his life. As Vikram was getting older, at Vikram’s home town, Vikram’s mother started searching for bride for Vikram and she loved a girl – Aditi. She arranged a meeting of Aditi and Vikram at one of their relative’s marriage.
Everything was fine between Meghna and Vikram till one day – when her father saw them together in a coffee shop. What happens to Meghna … ?? What happens to Vikram … ?? Does Vikram get married to Meghna … ?? What happens to Aditi … ??
2. Likes and Dislikes:
Though this is Vinay’s first book. he has written in a such a manner that you can get easily connected with character in the story. Also, English used in the book is very simple. But, I have expected some uniqueness in the story. It feels as one of typical Hindi movie. (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam- with characters changed)
3. Writing Style and other things:
Author has really used very simple language in the book. But I have to mention that at some places in the book, he manages to make the reader smile.It’s a beautiful journey of friendship, love, breakup, destruction, recovery and miracles. If you are looking for some easy reading , you should by the book. However do not expect any novelty from the book.
I hope Vinay reads this review. Expecting better love story from Vinay in his upcoming book. 🙂
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