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Clouds and our Life: Comparison

We can see clouds almost everyday in the sky. What do you thing there is only one kind of clouds? Recently I experienced that there are basically four kinds of clouds. First kind of clouds are at the bottom. They are alone and they don’t have any kind of reason to live. They are moving very fast from place to place. Second kind of clouds are little higher than first one. They know why they are living but they are not firm in their decisions and they lack confidence. Once they meet any successful cloud they changed their decisions and follow their paths. Third kind of clouds are higher than second one and they are less in world. They know why they are living and they are constantly working on reaching their destiny. They are full of confidence but the only problem with these kind of clouds is they do not share anything with one another. They don’t help other cloud to achieve its destiny. While the last and final category of clouds is much higher than all of the three category. They are full of confidence , very clear about their destiny and they help others to achieve their destiny. Similarly human life can be compared with cloud. Replace cloud with people and we can realize that it is true. Most of people on the earth are fall under second category.

The ABC of Life

For a meaningful life we need only ABC. Now a days people are more focusing on complete A-Z. People learn A-Z but not able to learn ABC of Life. And this ABC are A – Attitude B – Boldness And C – Confidence. Parents make their children to learn almost everything available in the world. But unfortunately they are not able to make learn them with these simple ABC. If you have all the three and even if you don’t have some other quality then also you can make good progress.So my request is to

“Give importance to these ABC with A-Z you are learning.”