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If You Don’t Know—Learn It…If You Know—Improve Upon It…

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Learning is a lifelong process. The one who achieved something in their life always has a Learning Attitude. Someone has rightly said “One who graduated yesterday ,stop learning today ,will become uneducated tomorrow.” We can always learn something from anyone  anywhere and at anytime. An Engineer can also learn from Engineering student. If you are the Manager ,you can always learn something good from your employees. The real challenge in today’s world is People have EGO issue. We should leave that behind if we real want to make progress in our life. As a parent you can learn from  your children. As an teacher you can learn from your students. Every person on these universe is unique. Even Twins have their unique qualities.  Never look for something bad in a person. Everyone on these universe has something good. If you look for good in people then you can learn good things and you won’t have any problem in any relation ship.Never let EGO overshadow your eagerness to learn. So my message is

“If you don’t  know,learn it. If you know,improve upon it.”

The ABC of Life

For a meaningful life we need only ABC. Now a days people are more focusing on complete A-Z. People learn A-Z but not able to learn ABC of Life. And this ABC are A – Attitude B – Boldness And C – Confidence. Parents make their children to learn almost everything available in the world. But unfortunately they are not able to make learn them with these simple ABC. If you have all the three and even if you don’t have some other quality then also you can make good progress.So my request is to

“Give importance to these ABC with A-Z you are learning.”